Statywy do anten (trójnogi)

różne wykonania, drewniane ( drewno jesionowe) lub  wykonane z kompozytów

dodatkowo w ofercie uniwersalne głowice do montażu anten

QTP-A antenna tripod Features a single leg extension, minimising weight and improving portability. An included wooden tray fits between the tripod legs to house small items, and improve tripod stability. The tripod has adjustable feet to allow for use on uneven ground. It also offers the ability to set different leg spreads, or a spread to any set angle.The tripod mounting head has a standard 3/8" camera fixing; is non conductive and therefore ideal for test & measurement applications.

QTP-B antenna tripod Features a pan and tilt panoramic tripod mounting head. The head has a standard 3/8" (1/4" also available) camera fixing stud. All the features of the QTP-A tripod, but fitted with a pan/tilt panoramic head. Pan & tilt head provides: A pivoting tilt range of ?90°; friction control for vertical pan; integrated spirit levels, & quick clutch and interlock safety, easy-to-read 360° scale.

QTP-C ruggedized antenna tripod A rugged, lightweight, proven design, virtually maintenance free, customised mounting plates available to suit your requirements, supplied with heavy duty, polycarbonate carrying case, weather proofed design.

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